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Vamanam Therapy

Vamanam Therapy is a cured emesis treatment, which implies patients are made to upchuck to eliminate Kapha poisons aggregated in the body. The system is finished by applying hotness to the area of the chest and back to condense the Kapha, trailed by the utilization of an uncommon sedated drink to animate emesis.

The poisons are disposed of through the upper gastrointestinal lot, and the treatment is preceded with ghee treatment and a steam shower. It is suggested that the treatment be done in the period of spring, since that is when kapha will in general get more disturbed and turns out to be not difficult to recognize and redress.

The treatment is known to be powerful of conditions like,

  • Psoriasis
  • Respiratory lot contaminations
  • Gastrointestinal parcel issues
  • Skin issues like Eczema
  • Sensitivities
  • Diabetes
  • Weight
  • Iron deficiency